Independent Authors: 3 Time-Management Tips That Can Increase Your

Independent Authors: 3 Time-Management Tips That Can Increase Your

Independent Authors: 3 Time-Management Tips That Can Increase Your Earnings by at The very least 25 Percent As an independent author, I have several earnings streams (eg, self-publishing my own line of ebooks); writing for clients; affiliate marketing; and so on. This makes for some long, very busy days. Among the points it took me a very long time to learn as a consultant is how valuable time management is – particularly when I began to do points besides write for customers Kingw88

Following are 3 of my top time-management tips. If you are new to freelancing and make these a practice at an early stage, you will be effective that a lot quicker.

I. Market First – Constantly: If you do not have customers, anything you may be hanging out doing is a wild-goose chase. So, tackle your marketing jobs first. I usually invest anywhere from a hr to 3 hrs each day on marketing – and I’ve been freelancing since 1993. The lesson here’s — for marketing to work, it must correspond.

How does doing your marketing first point conserve time? It obtains you in the practice of doing it, which means you obtain writing jobs much faster, and you do not need to “squeeze” it in later on and/or cannot do it entirely.

II. Produce Follow-Up Strategies for Current Customers: Eighty percent of your profits as an independent author will come from 20 percent of your customers. This is known as the Pareto Concept.

Many freelancers obtain so busy chasing after new customers that they forget to remain in touch with those that are currently providing business. I made this mistake for many years. So, produce some kind of follow-up system at an early stage in your independent writing profession.

How does this conserve time? You will not need to invest a lot time looking for new clients; that are harder to transform right into paying customers compared to the ones that are currently using you. – that are harder to transform right into paying customers compared to your current ones.

III. Track Your Marketing Initiatives: I still need to work on this – for it can be dicey, particularly when it comes to tools such as social media. But, find some way to track which of your marketing techniques are helping you.

An easy way to do it’s to obtain in the practice of asking customers – each – how they listened to about you. After that, record this information in a data source. Quickly, you will begin to see some arising patterns; ie, which marketing techniques are creating the best variety of independent writing jobs.

How does this conserve time? You can quit squandering time with techniques that aren’t so effective, and double down on those that are.

How These Tips Can Increase Your Independent Writing Earnings by at The very least 25%

Let’s say you are presently making $36,000 annually as an independent author. If you began marketing regularly, ie, doing it first point in the early morning and managed to get 3 new customers that gave you simply $3,000 annually each in work (simply $250 monthly each) right there – you’ll have enhanced your independent writing earnings by $9,000 annually, which is 25 percent of $36,000.

Currently how achievable is that?! I can inform you from individual experience — very achievable.

Final thought

Whether you are a skilled independent author with a steady of customers that maintain you busy, or a newbie simply beginning looking for customers – there is ALWAYS something to be done. Your days should never ever be empty.

There’s constantly, constantly, constantly something you can be doing – if you are managing your time wisely, eg, marketing; broadening/tweaking your solution offerings; producing infographics for your website/blog site, and so on.

Hope these tips help – and best of luck in your independent writing ventures.

About the Writer: Yuwanda Black is an independent author since 1993. She goings New Media Words, an SEO writing company she established in 2008. She’s the writer of numerous eBooks on the topic, eg, How to Write SEO Copy That Offers, as well as the developer of among the prominent independent SEO copywriter educating courses online. The course instructs everything you need to know about not just how to write SEO copy, but how to make $50,000 to $75,000 annually – your first year – as an independent SEO author.